Aug 18, 2018
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's unplugged wedding-Why you should have it too

 Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's unplugged wedding-Why you should have it too

As wedding photographers we absolutely dread guests going bonkers with cell phone photos and their iPads. Know why it is a good idea to have no cell phone policy for your wedding, how it ruins your wedding experience and what you can do to implement it without sounding rude. 

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Aug 13, 2018
Questions you must ask your wedding photographer

Questions you must ask your wedding photographer

Destination weddings or any big wedding are tough to handle. You might have the best wedding planner, but you still need to ask questions to your wedding photographer to clear any doubt. After all, your wedding photos and wedding film will be the only things which will help you relive those beautiful moments. So here is your guide to wedding photography questions.  

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Aug 02, 2018
The Top Wedding Photographer in India. Are you really the Best Wedding Photographer in India?

The Top Wedding Photographer in India. Are you really the Best Wedding Photographer in India?

A lot of wedding photography companies  claim in their websites to be The Best Wedding Photographer in India or The Top Wedding Photographer in India , Top 10 in Delhi, Top 10 in Mumbai, etc. It is almost a title that one gives oneself to make sure that when a bride searches for terms like Who is the best wedding photographer in India ? she will land up on that persons page.

As an artist you just strive to be a better version of yourself every day. You wake up and you say to yourself yes I have to be the best wedding photographer ever and give our brides the most amazing wedding photos as these are the only memories of her wedding that she will have left with her.

Its not about claiming to be the best wedding photographer but striving to be the best wedding photographer that one should aim for. On the way if people do end up calling you by these names , you humbly accept the accolades and say thank you and move on. Over the years we have been called 'The Best Wedding Photographer', 'Dream Wedding Photographer', The Top 10 Wedding Photographer in India by various websites, magazines and other publications. We wanted to put down a list of these below. It makes us feel good that our efforts are being appreciated.

1) Vogue India : 2016

"Given the length of most Indian weddings, it can be hard to remember the sangeet by the final reception, making photographs essential—and increasingly, even videos. But today there are more wedding photographers than ever out there: Google suggests over 2 million—so instead of sifting through the directories or relying on your future second-cousin-in-law’s suggestion, start with Vogue‘s picks from across the country."

2) Conde Nast Traveler India: 2011

We present five unique wedding photographers who can truly “capture the magic”

3) The Wedding Vows: 2018

For your special day, you need someone to take the moments for you, someone to manifest the moments through photographs. Someone who will be present as the moment unfolds. Someone whose passion is to not only to take the pictures but to captures the emotions as well. Let the professional and skilled photographers capture it for you. Keep the moments fresh like its being taken yesterday, even though it’s been forever. Because precious memories need to be kept as photographs. Here are the Top 10 Places for your Wedding Photography in India.

4) Pick My Photographer by Canvera: 2018

"The Best Wedding Photographers in India - The Top 22"


5) Shaadi Saga : 2015

20 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi

6) Shaadi Wish: 2018

17 Powerful Indian Women Who are ruling the Wedding Photography Industry

7) Eventilla: 2018

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR

8) The Wedding Brigade: 2018

The 35 Best Female Wedding Photographers in India


9) Peaches and Blush : 2014

The 20 best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi

One of the stalwarts of candid photography and one of the first few to actually start off with the trend in India. Not only are Vinayak and Snigdha some really nice people, but their photographs are so stunning they really give you memories for a lifetime.

10) Vagabomb: 2015

The Best Wedding Photographers in India

11) Little Black Book : 2018

13 Candid Photographers Will Capture Your Wedding's Sweetest Moments

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, however it is upto you to judge who is the Best Wedding Photographer for you. You can take a look at our portfolio here

12) Sony India: 2018

"Meet Alpha Experts - our carefully chosen panel of photography experts known to skillfully capture the most intriguing stories through their lens. Talk to experts and get a chance to meet them during exclusive workshops organized all-year-round. This section is your private access to exceptional photographers and expert storytellers."


Jul 21, 2017
Phototantra Photography Workshop update, Delhi, 10-11 June 2017

Phototantra Photography Workshop update, Delhi, 10-11 June 2017

This year Phototantra organised its first ever workshop. It was overwhelming to see the response and heart warming to see the feedback which we received later.  Our whole intention was to share our philosophy pf photography which is deeply rooted in street photography style. 

We deliberately kept the number of participants to a maximum of 10 so that personal attention could be provided because the more people you have the more difficult it becomes to ensure that each one of them has understood what you have been telling them. Also, we kept 2 sessions of street and portrait photography for which the participants had to go out on the streets, follow instructions given to them in the classroom on framing, composition and story telling.  The variables of photographing a subject where removed to a large extent and they were given very less tweaking opportunity. This was to make sure that they come up with wider frames, go close to the subject, capture layers in a photo and be able to tell a story with keeping aesthetics, light and rules of composition in place. The participants were given only  1 hour to come up with 5 best frames.

 Phototantra’s journey started way before Vinayak and Snigdha got together to form the company. Both of them have always enjoyed travelling, observing life on the streets and documenting this street called life. When they started shooting weddings, their style heavily reflected street photography techniques. According to Vinayak, weddings are like a street. It has all the elements of a street; it has surprise, celebrations, people, characters. Expressions, stories, drama and negotiated boundaries.  It was this philosophy which led to the idea of Street to Wedding Photography Workshop. Here we took people from the street style to shooting a wedding and beyond.

The workshop curriculum contained the following:-

1. Introduction to Street photography, technique and philosophy

2.    Basics of composition and framing

3.    Off camera flash, use of light modifiers.

4.       Culling and processing images using Photo mechanic and Lightroom

5.       Introduction to album design software

6.       Marketing, Branding and Social Media management

7.       Introduction to creating ones own website or blog

The workshop was aimed at photographers from smaller cities, photography enthusiasts and photography students. The language was kept bi-lingual and simple for easy understanding. Participants came from Delhi, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Lucknow and even from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. The intention was also to extend help to photographers from smaller cities or second shooters who are more comfortable in Hindi, who might feel out of place in bigger seminars.

The two day workshop ended with a session of photo critiquing by Vinayak, Arjun Kartha and Arjun Mahajan. 

Our Sincerest Thanks to:-

1.       Our Event Sponsors: - Sony and Pixpa

2.       Our venue partner: - Delhi Diary Art Lounge

3.       Photo critiques: - Arjun Kartha, Arjun Mahajan and Mahima Bhatia

4.       Chief Mentor: - Vinayak Das

5.       Photo walk partner for Old Delhi Iftar walk:- Delhi by foot

Here is what the participants had to say:-

1.       Ruby Singh:- Liked the discussion on rules of photography, social media and SEO, use of magmod, photo walk, critiquing session and the food.

2.       Rashmi:- Well structured. I liked the review of images. A little more emphasis on OCF required.

3.       Madhur:- Vinayak sir taught very well. Got some new technique for using flash.

4.       Sangeet:- Overall content, very well organised. Liked the special appearance by Arjun Kartha, Arjun Mahajan and Mahima Bhatia. Liked the concept of street to wedding photography.

5.       Sakshi:- Loved how honestly the experiences were shared. Good content and great experience. I feel more time and should be spent on the difficulties that we face during shooting a wedding.

6.       Nitin:- I liked the energy of Vinayak sir. Finer nuances of wedding photography and case to case studies were very interesting. I want the workshop to be little more organised.

7.       Sonu:- Loved the session on composition and framing and how to grow business.

Here are some of the pictures from the 2 full days Phototantra Wedding Photography Workshop.


Aug 23, 2016
Sindhi weddings are pure fun, love and joy.

Sindhi weddings are pure fun, love and joy.

A beautiful destination Sindhi wedding attended by very close friends and family. We went there as photographers but came back as friends with beautiful memories.

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Jul 20, 2016
Beautiful Tamil Wedding in Mysore

Beautiful Tamil Wedding in Mysore
A beautiful Tamil wedding at Mysore. The bride has a beautiful sense of aesthetics. So much so that the diamond choker which stole her heart (a piece worn Amruta Patki, Miss India International 2006) had to be found and she tracked the supplier in Chennai and had Chennai diamonds make the piece for her.
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