Aug 29, 2018
How to fit wedding photography in your budget without hurting quality?

A destination wedding in Leh.
Destination wedding in Leh. The couple only invited close friends and family and spent on things which really mattered.

7 Pro-Tips on how can you fit wedding photography within your budget:-

  1. Book your photographer early. Some photographers offer a discount for early booking.
  2. Go for digital images with a few prints rather than going for albums. Photo books are expensive. You might want to get a few prints instead which you can place in your home and take rest of the images in digital format for online sharing.
  3. Split the cost with your partner. Have one wedding  photography company shoot both the bride’s and the groom’s wedding functions and split the cost.
  4. Hire one wedding photography company for all your photo and video needs. 
  5. Refer other friends and ask for referral discount.
  6. Spare the extras and go for the real deal. Every extra photographer that gets added to the crowd, every extra service like a small ritual here and there or additional equipment like a drone (to be flown inside a banquet hall) or live streaming on LED screens will add to your budget. Instead, focus on photography which really matters to you and something you will put in your wedding photo album. Pay for photography that will help create memories and timeless pictures which you will share with your friends instead of gimmicks which no one remembers. 
  7. And lastly, start by finding a photographer within your budget. Don’t assume that a photographer who charges Rs2,00,000/- a day will reduce his cost to Rs50,000/- a day. Wedding photography is expensive and there are a lot of articles on the internet which lists all the reasons for it to be so.

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