May 10, 2019
Top Candid ( and Posed ) Wedding Photography Images of 2018-2019

by Snigdha Sheel

Creative Director , Photo Tantra

As Candid Wedding Photographers , we always handle the weight of our client's expectations. We are supposed to capture the soul of the wedding and that too unobtrusively. In the middle of all this we also need to get the client to make time for taking those instagrammable posed shots - guaranteed to get many many likes. To handle all of this we need tools - our cameras to be also capable of keeping up with the demands of the photographers.

Its has been two years since both Vinayak and I (Snigdha) have switched over to the Sony Mirrorless cameras. Its speed, weight and superior focusing made it an obvious choice. This has helped us in clicking a lot of images that we like. Yeah yeah , I know what you are saying , its not the camera that makes the pictures. Agreed, however if there is one camera that makes the whole process easy - so that ones mind is free to take the shots that we want, these are those cameras.

We wanted to share with you some of our images from the 2018 Nov - March 2019 Season which were taken using the Sony Alpha A7R3 and the Sony Alpha A73. There are a few images here that were taken using a Sony A7R2 which sometimes Vinayak uses as a backup. I have made sure that I have usurped the A7R3 ;).